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  • Product name: 3D marking control system
  • Model: 3D Scanner
  • Upload time: 2016-11-09
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Advantage of Ezcad3.0

Compatible with the graphics editing capabilities of EZCAD2 software, add 3D projection, package function, perfect realization of curve surface markers

With layer function, support multi layer process; support 3D layer marking,3D layer cutting, fast dynamic fill, support external layered file, SLC layered function

Support 3D deep engraving,3D print

64bit software core,support large marking file

3D scanhead calibrate,linear calibrate in z direction

Friendly interface, powerful, easy to operate


advantage of 3D control board


Connection mode


 Laser signal

Using DB 25 socket laser control signal

scanhead control signal

Using standard XY2-100 protocol  XYZ three axis output

Number of INPUT port

3 common INPUT port

Number of Output ports

3 common Output port

REMARK signal

Memory content repeat marking

Applicable laser

IPG,Raycus,Max,JPT,V-Gen and so on popular fiber laser source

Applicable material

Metallic black photographic material

Tunable pulse width laser


operating system

WIN8 WIN10 WIN7 64 bit system

Encryption mode

Built in encryption chip without external encryption dongle

Power supply mode

external 5V 3A



3D scanhead using high-speed motor, marking speed, focus control precision

20 super high resolution, unique patented technology, ultra low temperature drift, long life

optical characteristics


 Input aperture

< 8 mm

Working wavelength


Max laser power

No cooling 60 watts

Max laser power density at the incident beam


Electrical connection


Power Supply

FL 254mm

Working range


focusing range