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  • Product name: EZCAD3 Laser Marking Software
  • Model: BJJCZ
  • Upload time: 2017-04-10
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64-bit software kernel, support oversized files, fix the problem of insufficient memory.

Support multi-layer function and multi-layer processing.

Support the 3d curve marking.

Support 3d surface slice function, do not need third-party slice software.

Support the dynamic hatching of the slice curve to prevent the software from taking too much computer memory and running slower.

Support 3d curve projection function.

Support cylindrical curve wrapping function.

Support convert bitmap to relief function.

Support large format dynamic focus.

Support the projector positioning function, easy to find the marking position of big format marking for dynamic focus function.

Support the estimated processing time, easy to know how long it needs to be processed.

Support ultra-fast barcode marking.

Any curve filled, the customer can decide to hatch line style.

New function for evenly optimize of hatch, to prevent the lines of marking result.

New function for gradually add and reduce the power and speed.

New function for round and sinusoidal jitter functions.

Material Parameter Assistant function, for save different material marking parameter.

Add new barcode type, support most of the barcode type.

JCZ Laser Digital Communications Protocol 1.0, supports most types of laser source on the market.

Real-time display the laser status in the main interface.

Supports stand-alone function, support to mark max 8 different files without pc.