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Date:2015年7月22日 11:55



Dear client,
We're glad to inform you that we will take part in the Munich exhibition in Shanghai. The date of the exhibition is from March 19th to 21st.And our booth number is W3 3642.


The main exhibition products:
1. Camera adapter

    Based on CCD machine vision system, it can achieve high-precision visual positioning marking. This system is the perfect solution to the positioning difficult and great error. It has user-friendly software design, professional structural design; efficiently meet the demand of fast and precise positioning and processing of various irregular work pieces.
2. Dynamic focus scan head marking system
   This system is designed to meet with the requirement of big marking area, from 300X300mm till 800X800mm. Its professional structural design makes it anti-dust, anti-high temperature and anti-interference.The system is widely used in a variety of industries' big area processing.
3. 3D marking system
   It has fast speed of response automatic zoom function. The fully automatic zoom function with the high performance marking software, high speed and accurate marking can be realized in a variety of irregular surface, such as inclined surface and stepped surface. This system is applicable to a variety of irregular 3D work pieces' marking.


If you have any question,please feel free to contact with us in advance.
Sophy   E-mail:    Tel:+86 13811893346
Cecilia   E-mail:      Tel:+86 13488711221


Best wishes
Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd

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